Understanding Electronic Lodgement Networks in Queensland

Understanding Electronic Lodgement Networks in Queensland

Understanding the Inclusions and Exclusions of Electronic Lodgment Networks (ELN) in Queensland Property Transactions

In the realm of property transactions, the procedures can often seem daunting. One of the critical components of this process is the electronic lodgement network (ELN). This article will delve into the inclusions and exclusions of using an ELN for lodging property transfers in Queensland.

Understanding Electronic Lodgement Networks (ELN)

The ELN facilities platforms such as PEXA, it is a digital platform enabling the transfer of a lot, provided certain criteria are met and no exclusions apply. For the uninitiated, a lot refers to a piece of land in a planned subdivision of land, which is owned individually while the common areas are jointly owned.

Criteria for ELN Lodgement

The ELN can be used for lodgement if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The lot being transferred is a Fee Simple, which means the owner has complete ownership of the land and can transfer the property as they wish.
  2. The transfer includes all lots on all titles it will be lodged over. Currently, transfers of one lot on a multi-lot title or part of a lot cannot be lodged using an ELN.
  3. Both the transferee (the party receiving the property) and the transferor (the party giving up the property) are entities like individuals, charitable bodies, registered companies, religious bodies, etc.
  4. The consideration (the reason for the transfer) can range from monetary compensation, gifts, desire to change tenancy, pursuant to a clause in the trust deed, or pursuant to the rules of intestacy.

Exclusions from ELN Lodgement

There are also specific circumstances under which an instrument of transfer cannot be lodged using an ELN. These include:

  1. When the capacity of the transferor is other than a trustee or personal representative.
  2. Transfer by a third party, such as a mortgagee exercising power of sale.
  3. Transfer of an interest, such as a lease or mortgage.
  4. Transfer of part of the land.
  5. Transfers creating life estates.
  6. Transfers where supporting evidence is required that is not evidence of a charitable trust or evidence of ministerial consent.
  7. Transfers where a transferee is a foreign person, and multiple lots are being transferred.


Navigating the waters of property transactions can be convoluted, but understanding the inclusions and exclusions of using an ELN can make the process smoother. By comprehending the criteria for ELN lodgement and being aware of the exclusions, one can be better prepared for the transfer of a property lot in Queensland.

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Author – Craig Douglas

Please Note: The information contained in this document is for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. The laws and regulations governing the sale of property in Queensland are complex and constantly changing. It is important to seek the advice of a qualified property lawyer or conveyancer before making any decisions about the sale of your property. This document does not take into account your individual circumstances and may not apply to your situation. By reading this document you agree that you have not relied on the information contained herein and that you will seek independent legal advice before taking any action.

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