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How $120,000 extra was made in 30 days | No Gimmicks

Following my advice, an elderly Gold Coast couple along with their daughter, went on to make an additional $120,000 in 30 days, without any gimmicks.


There were no gimmicks involved, none of the usual nonsense that everyone has heard of:

no free steak knives.
no, we have buyers lined up and waiting.
no, we have a buyer interested in your property.
no, we have a team in your street this week…

I simply provided good old-fashioned advice and they chose to follow it to the letter. The couple’s apartment was then placed on the market in 2020 and it SOLD within 5 days for a RECORD PRICE.

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1. How one couple followed my advice and made an additional $120,000.

2. An introduction called “Determined to be Different.”

3. Steps to consider when interviewing a Real Estate Agent.

4. What happens when you try to sell Above Market Value.

5. The RED HERRINGS that surround COMMISSION RATES and the internet companies that push their own agendas regarding them.

6. So How Do We Get Started? 20 steps to selling your property.

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